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About Us

Dayspring Community Church focuses on "Building Lives and Relationships Based on the Word of God".  Everything we do keeps those goals in view.  We want people to know Jesus and to know the truth of the Bible, his Word.  Knowing and growing in our relationship with God and with each other will impact who we are and how we live.  I have been Dayspring's pastor since the church started in Happy Day Childcare in 1993.  We moved to Corriher-Lipe Middle school, then to our current location in China Grove and all along the journey we have been a growing family of faith.  We welcome you to be our guest and see what loving and genuine followers of Jesus Christ we are striving to be.  We do not claim to be there yet, but we are pursuing all that God has saved and called us to be as his church.  We have no denomination titles, although I graduated from Liberty University and most of my training, as well as my doctrinal positions, are Baptist.  The Bible is our authority in teaching and preaching rather than tradition or denominational hierarchy.  We attempt to reach and transform the culture with the good news of the gospel, not conform to it.  We are willing to change our methods without changing the message, to stay relevant while remaining true to the Bible.  Jesus is our Lord and his Word our authority.  If you are looking for a place to know and serve Jesus Christ, Dayspring is the place for you.  We will welcome you and the opportunity to grow with you.


Pastor Gerry Steedley

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