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Dayspring Community Church focuses on "Building Lives and Relationships Based on the Word of God".  Everything we do keeps those goals in view.  We want people to know Jesus and to know the truth of the Bible, his Word.  Knowing and growing in our relationship with God and with each other will impact who we are and how we live.  I have been Dayspring's pastor since the church started in Happy Day Childcare in 1993.  We moved to Corriher-Lipe Middle school, then to our current location in China Grove and all along the journey we have been a growing family of faith.  We welcome you to be our guest and see what loving and genuine followers of Jesus Christ we are striving to be.  We do not claim to be there yet, but we are pursuing all that God has saved and called us to be as his church.  We have no denomination titles, although I graduated from Liberty University and most of my training, as well as my doctrinal positions, are Baptist.  The Bible is our authority in teaching and preaching rather than tradition or denominational hierarchy.  We attempt to reach and transform the culture with the good news of the gospel, not conform to it.  We are willing to change our methods without changing the message, to stay relevant while remaining true to the Bible.  Jesus is our Lord and his Word our authority.  If you are looking for a place to know and serve Jesus Christ, Dayspring is the place for you.  We will welcome you and the opportunity to grow with you.


Pastor Gerry Steedley

Our Staff:

                         Gerry Steedley                           Josh Welch

                             Pastor                          Young Adults & Families Director


Teresa Crawley                  Debbie Park                            Beth Steedley

Youth Director                    Children's Ministry                          Worship Leader

Gerry Steedley

Being a pastor, learning to pastor a church, has been a life long process for me.  I graduated from Liberty University with a degree in education and took as many short-term classes as possible at Dallas Theological, but God has used relationships to teach me about caring for his church.  I am a husband, married forty-one years to Beth, whom God gave me so I could do this.  I am a father of three and a "papa" to ten grandchildren. They motivate me to faithfulness and sincerity.  Relationships developed over many years have given me the opportunity to be called a pastor. I am blessed and thankful beyond words.

Dayspring is a great because we belong to a great God who his bringing us together as his children.  Day spring is a growing church focusing on being strong in God's Word and obeying as we learn. Dayspring is a giving church, caring for one another and the community we live in.  If Dayspring can be known for its genuine Biblical love, for it's commitment to the Bible, and it's compassion for the lost; it's testimony will carry on faithfully until Jesus returns.  May God Grant it to be so!


Beth Steedley

Beth Steedley is the pastor’s wife at Dayspring and has also been the music director since the inception of the church.  She graduated from the University of NC at Greensboro with a degree in Music Education and served in the public schools for a number of years as a choral music teacher. 

Debbie Park

Dayspring Kids are awesome! They are a blessing to me and I enjoy their stories, prayer requests and how they listen to the teachings of the Bible! 

Teaching the Word of God to kids is important to me because it will equip them with the tools they need to navigate through life. I am a firm believer in the verse:

Proverbs 22:6 - “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.”

At Dayspring, it is my heart’s desire that each child will come to know Jesus as their personal Savior and learn to live for Him throughout their life!

Teresa Crawley

The young people at Dayspring are enthusiastic, curious, honest, and funny. I enjoy the energy they bring to our studies and to our activities, and I’m thankful for the love they have for Jesus and for one another.  Their willingness to dive 100% into whatever I bring to the group, whether it be a serious study or a silly skit, is motivation for me to prayerfully prepare our lessons and activities, always asking God for His direction. I am privileged to be included in each one of their lives and am thankful that we can trust one another and help one another as we seek to know and love God more.  I am grateful for a church family and a husband who respects and supports my work with our youth group.  Are you a young person looking for real friendships and a place to belong?  Are you curious about who God is and the hope you can have in knowing Him? We invite you to join us.  You will be so very welcome!

Josh Welch

I have been attending Dayspring for over two years. I previously worked part time as music minister and love what music adds to a service. I enjoy helping out with music at Dayspring from time to time. I also love the relationships that are found at church and the bonds we form with one another. I am currently serving as Young Families Director, through this I hope to help the young families build those bonds and grow in Christ together. Hearing the word has become a passion of mine, and getting to share and study the word with others is wonderful. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for fifteen years and have three children who look just like me. Will (10), Reese (6), and Whit (4).

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